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DECIBEL MAGAZINE "Reminiscent of the more unsettling ambient passages from The Fragile-era Nine Inch Nails. It’s definitely on the low-key side of things, but it’s a haunting key." 

METAL BLAST "Delivering one of the most astonishing debuts of the year, We Have A Ghost is a project which draws elements from contemporary cinema, fused with gritty indie authenticity."

ARTROCKER MAGAZINE - ISSUE 125 ALBUM OF THE MONTH - 5 Stars "Little is known about this geezer except that a) he walks around in a gas mask, b) operates from a supposed haunted house in the States and c) is being hailed as a one man UNKLE, a phuture-groove machine, a breakbeat ramma llama from the 25th century. Alert! It seems we have a valid pop star for once. 'We Have A Ghost' is a thrilling record - one minute it sounds like the ultimate jogging mix-tape for residents of Sin City ('Computerrok'), the next we're in the kind of Lynchian, death-jazz atmosphere that wouldn't' have gone amiss on Bowie's 'Outside' album ('The Incident'). Elsewhere Artrocker's legion of Numan fans would do well to check in with the autumnal synth-stomp of 'Walk Away', and closer 'Sleepy Cells' manages to combine a 17th century classical sensibility with burnt breakbeats to excellent effect. All these elements are whipped together so coherently that the album feels rather like strapping on a virtual reality helmet, and being given the full 360 treatment of some darkly glowing parallel universe. What more can you ask from music?!" 

ARTROCKER “Beats as big as skulls being crushed by tanks being driven by cyborgs who've been distracted by Nintendos that are haunted by beats. Futuristically atmospheric yet with beats that shoot from the hips - think NIN vs Spiritualized and watch this space.” 

WONDERBOX METAL "This is surprisingly complex music that weaves elaborate soundscapes around itself like a cloak of static and charged beats. Varied and expansive, this is a great listen, especially if you’re in the mood for something a bit different. Highly recommended.." 

BEARDED GENTLEMEN MUSIC "This album is straight up awesome!"

ELEKTRON MUSIC MACHINES "As an absolute impersonality with a very personal attitude towards creativity, We Have A Ghost takes on a unique role in the music climate of today. This remarkable integrity shows in the music as well. The output of this elusive person spans across several genres, but a ghastly presence is felt in all tracks. This is something out of the ordinary." 

METAL BLAST "The heavy sense of audience participation is highly reminiscent of Trent Reznor's past attempts, which is not surprising considering the similarities in style to We Have A Ghost and Nine Inch Nails‘ Year ZeroThough while both projects are ambitious, Ghost‘s is far more personalised and places much more emphasis on the music. The brooding synths and drones mixed with crisp live instrumentation creates a natural duality between the physical and the spiritual. It’s only then when the missing piece of the album reveals itself: you, the listener. It’s a wholly engaging, intimate record which narrates the listeners’ own personal ghost stories and generates a tangible connection to the distant ethereal."

SOUNDVENUE "We Have a Ghost har netop udgivet sit selvbetitlede debutalbum, der fremstår som en blanding af både akustiske elementer og stærkt computergenerede synth og-maskinlyde. Her formår produceren at skabe et unikt atmosfærisk horror-landskab med en samtidig tydelig melodisk rygrad. Det er hjemsøgt computersynth gennemsyret af dybsindig efterårsmelankoli.

‘The Secret’ agerer albummets eksplosive og foruroligende førstenummer. En titel der fuldender kunstnerens mystificering."

THE INDEPENDENT VOICE "We Have A Ghost is an anonymous solo artist who prefers to keep his identity shrouded in mystery and let the music do the talking. The self titled debut album spans across 10 tracks and pulls together the best sounding elements of Ulver, Katatonia and Mogwai. We Have A Ghost certainly know to conjure vast atmospheric landscapes that pull you in to a heavily textured world with plenty of depth. Great work." 

ECHOES AND DUST "I guess the reason why I keep listening to We have A Ghost is that he simply makes beautiful music and it contains a lot of genres like ambient, industrial, electronic, shoegaze elements or, better, it contains the blend of all these genres in small doses like ingredients that suits every mood. The fact is that this artist has a unique style and his self-titled debut album is quickly gaining ground and grows on me with every listen. We have A Ghost’s sound relies on meticulously engineered sounds, micro programmed synthetic percussion, and patiently designed acoustic spaces. The sound is incredibly abstract, and indeed experimental in nature, showcasing ever molding branches of electronic music. This incredible intelligent complexity is what makes We have A Ghost an exciting and entertaining listen that begs for multiple returns. Seriously. Just get it." 

RINGMASTER REVIEW "Preferring to let his music do the talking, the artists behind the project is an anonymous protagonist but the crafter of some of the richest incitements for ears and imagination to be cast this year. Its first few songs energetic tempting for body as well as imagination and its latter part soaked in an ingenuity working on mind and deep emotions. Combined it is a thrilling experience which leaves a persistently lingering imprint." 

TWO GUYS METAL REVIEWS "Atmospheric yet engaging, the bands new record We Have A Ghost captures a very unique and distinct flavor in the metal world, taking the ideas of bands like Nine Inch Nails another step forward and doing away almost entirely with the 'heavy' elements.  Listening to records like We Have A Ghost puts you in a unique state of mind and opens you up to new things, and new worlds. And perhaps that is the ultimate meaning behind this LP, it is mind expansion in its most subtle form." 

METAL UNDERGROUND "We Have A Ghost will appeal to fans of Ulver, Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, Katatonia, and even Boards of Canada. The artist behind We Have A Ghost prefers to let the music do the talking, concealing his identity and whereabouts. His music leans away from typical classification and incorporates many electronic elements, live instrumentation, instrumental passages, and dark influences. Varying influences collide to create layered and dense textures that present a unique artistic voice." 

I DIE YOU DIE "We Have A Ghost should appeal to fans of Our Thing, not only for the sheer quality of its tunes, but also for its deft hand at showing how stylistic tics we’re all well familiar with can be subtly blended with those from neighboring genres. That’s no mean feat, and puts We Have A Ghost in the same room as similarly expansive acts like Big Black Delta and SURVIVE, even if the particulars of those bands’ melange of sounds differs notably from our faceless host. Strong stuff to be sure, and a welcome reminder that jumping in sight unseen can have its rewards. Recommended."

THE EQUAL GROUND "In their exceptional debut self-titled album We Have a Ghost released by Bleeding Light Records they sound like a mixture between old school NIN, Holy Other and Tim Hecker. It is mostly an instrumental album that seamlessly combines organic and electronic elements. They use a wide palette of sounds but manage to effortlessly make the album sound cohesive. The delightfully ominous cloud is what binds these songs together.  We Have A Ghost’s debut album is dark, eclectic and pretty fantastic." 

PURE GRAIN AUDIO "His music contains many different elements such as rock, metal and electronica which makes his music almost impossible to classify. Fans of Mogwai and Nine Inch Nails in particular should take note, but we will really think fans of a variety of genres will love this track." 

GLACIALLY MUSICAL "My favorite band of all time, KISS, kept their identities secret for the first ten years of their existence. A new band with a similar name, Ghost, is doing the same thing. Well our new friend, We Have A Ghost is the exact same way, though I think he's a bit smarter than the boys in KISS, he probably didn't create his character based on his real life personality. He's also gone one better than New York's Favorite Sons... Honestly, I cannot tell you what witchcraft this man has performed in order to achieve this task, but we'll call it the Fourteenth Labor of Heracles. This album is the soundtrack to the rain, to meditation, to having a drink or a smoke (be it Colorado Green or NC Brown), and many other activities, illicit or otherwise, that I could name. We Have A Ghost certainly won me over." 

WHAT CULTURE “Debut” is a powerful, driven, cinematic, heavy yet danceable, sleekly synthesized with awesome real drums, organic and electronic. No wonder listeners are having a hard time classifying it. But one listen to the lead-off track, “The Secret”, and you’ll feel like you do when someone whispers an enigma in your ear. It’s something incredible, and you want to tell everyone. One gets the definite impression of an artist who has just begun and is hungry for more." 

THE MONITORS "The Secret employs rumbling snare rolls and cymbal crashes over a simple but effective piano motif, topping it off with a squalling synth solo, while ‘Computerrok’ drags the horror through the disco doors and butchers it on the dance floor." 

ROCKSTAR MOTEL "RockStar Motel has a Ghost, and we don't mean the invisible, ectoplasmic, messing-with-the-lights type of ghost either. No, our offices have been "haunted" by the sight and sounds of We Have a Ghost, a masked music producer who hails from an unknown location. Crafting intricate music productions and combining them with cinematic visuals, Ghost intrigued us when he first started utilizing the RockStar Motel platform a few months back. We had to take the earliest opportunity to get Ghost in to the offices to pry inside his shrouded story (also, we love entertaining guests that require a security clearance to enter the building)." 

NESNEVS "Wer genau hinter We Have A Ghost steckt, lässt sich beim besten Willen nicht beantworten. Die Recherche im Netz war jedenfalls ziemlich erfolglos. Ob hinter dem Projekt eine Person oder eine ganz Gruppe steckt, wird ebenso verschleiert wie das Herkunftsland. Mysteriös. Ganz sicher ist aber, dass We Have A Ghost bereits 5000 Likes auf Facebook erreicht hat. Wer auch immer hinter We Have A Ghost steckt: Er hat ein Faible für Trent Reznor. Vieles klingt, nicht nur wegen des fehlenden Gesangs, stark nach „Ghosts I –IV“ oder dem Soundtrack von „The Social Network“. Das Projekt als eine dreiste Kopie abzustempeln wäre aber falsch und unfair. Zwar erinnern die elektronischen Klangwelten dank ihres bedrohlichen Charakters an Trent Reznor, doch der eigentliche Motor der Tracks ist ein sehr präsentes und abwechslungsreiches Schlagzeug. Mir gefällt’s!" 

THE RIPPLE EFFECT "I happened upon a mysterious new musician who went by the name We Have A Ghost.  There was very little information about him beyond his influences and a few artistic photographs which he had taken.  But his music was spectacular.  Live drums driving alongside gritty modular synth sequences and lush pads - delicately layered, patiently built-upon, happily mangled and distorted.  His sound quickly became one of my favorite flavors of tea." 

BRAIN TRUST MUSIC "We Have a Ghost is one of those artists that aren’t easily classified.  Once you think you’ve got them figured out, a new rhythm crashes in, the bass lines become more aggressive and a whole new experience has begun.  It is quite an accomplishment to be able to defy genres and keep an album interesting, especially after repeated listens.  We Have a Ghost has done just that.  Mixing martial beats with lazy (that’s a positive statement) keyboard riffs, then switching to an ethereal, atmospherically moody vibe, the anonymous one-man-band hits a grand slam on the self-titled album. Creating a moody album that defies classification AND is enjoyable after repeated listens is quite a feat.  The anonymity just adds to the allure.  While not the typical album that usually graces these digital pages, We Have a Ghost have managed to defy logic and create an album full of wonder and intrigue.  In the digital age, many acts have given up on making the sequence of an album have meaning.  WHaG didn’t ignore this and, in fact, tracked the album in a manner that makes it one cohesive piece.  Listening to a single track won’t tell the whole story and will leave the listener yearning for more.  I hope We Have a Ghost find success and continue to make intriguing, genre defying albums.  If they don’t, then there may be no hope for the music industry after all."